Scholarships are available year-round.  The applications for scholarships can be tedious and time-consuming, but this time is very well spent.  Scholarships are available to a wide range of students, not always depending on academic status.

LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS are made available to all seniors through the MHS Local Scholarship Program. The Medford Local Scholarships are available via packet and internet. Mrs. Routh will meet with seniors to review the packet and application process. Most of these scholarships are due in the spring of their senior year.

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS are available to students who have been accepted to a particular college. These scholarships range from academic, athletic, musical, memorials/gifts and more. Students should check with the college, visit the college website, or inquire within the high school counseling office. 

NON-LOCAL SCHOLARSHIPS are available to seniors and some juniors through the Career Center and Naviance. Students are encouraged to stop by the Career Center and check out the Non-Local Scholarships available in the scholarship file cabinet. These scholarships range from national to other areas not included in our Local Scholarship Program.  When scholarship information is received in the counseling office, the scholarship will be listed in the announcements for one week.  A list of scholarships is available in the Career Center and on Naviance.


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We have one school facility, which opened in 2003 and houses both Medford Elementary and Medford High School. 
The mission of Medford Public School is to provide quality education and prepare our children and community for the future.


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