Your high school transcript is the legal record or proof of your high school education.  It is often one of the required pieces of information when you apply to college or for a job.  To request an official transcript, please follow the procedure below:

If you are a CURRENTLY ENROLLED SENIOR at Medford High School and need a transcript for college applications, scholarship applications or job opportunities, please complete a Transcript Request via Naviance.  You must turn in a Parental Consent to Release Transcript form prior to requesting transcripts via Naviance. 

CURRENTLY ENROLLED 7TH - 11TH GRADE STUDENTS at Medford High School who need transcripts should complete the Transcript Request Form for Current Students. 

If you are a current student at Medford High School who is TRANSFERRING to a different high school, stop by the High School Office to complete the Withdrawal Form.
If you are a former student/graduate that attended Medford High School, you may do the following:

Mail Your Request
Complete the Transcript Request Form – Alumni. Please fill out all necessary information accurately (Name at time of graduation, date of birth, year of graduation, etc.) on the form. Mail the completed request to:

Medford High School
750 2nd Ave SE
Medford, MN 55049

Transcript requests are usually processed within 2-5 days from receipt of the completed form.

In Person:
A transcript may also be obtained by picking up the transcript in person at the Medford High School Main Office. The office is open from 7:30am-3:30pm, Monday – Friday during the school year. During school vacation times and summer break, please call to confirm our hours: 507-214-6301.

NOTE: For those who choose to pick up their transcripts in person or request that they be mailed to themselves, please note that in order for the transcript to remain official, it must be kept in the sealed Medford High School envelope.


1) I graduated many years ago. Do you still have my transcript?
Yes, we have high school records back to when Medford High School was established. However, if you graduated many years ago, please allow some time for us to locate your transcript, as your records may be stored in another location.

2) Can I just call and give all my information to request a transcript?
No, all requests must be made in writing or via Naviance. 

3) My question wasn’t answered here. How can I contact someone to help me?
Please call Diane Larson in the High School Office at 507-214-6301 or Sara Routh in the Counseling Office between the hours of 7:30am-4:00pm, Monday – Friday. 

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