Driver’s Ed. - Behind the Wheel Signup

Medford Public School


Student Name (first, middle, last)___________________________________


Best time to drive?          mornings      afternoons     (circle 1 or both)


Best day of the week to drive    ?    Mon       Tues     Wed    Thurs    Friday


Student cell phone number _____________________________


Parent Cell phone number ____________________________


Special considerations: (example - vacation from June 3-9)





Before Driving:

  1. Did you pay Mr. Kellen?  You may not drive until you’ve paid.

  1. Return this sheet.


3. Get some experience driving with a parent or guardian before your first BTW lesson.


4. You will be contacted by Mr. Cole or Mr. Larson prior to your first drive time.  Please check your school email, texts, and voicemail messages.


A Note from Mr. Larson and Mr. Cole:

We will begin driving during the first part of May and continue until the middle of August. Older students and those making prior arrangements will be allowed to drive first. Use our school email address or leave a phone message to contact us with questions.


Mr. Larson:    507-214-6361

Mr. Cole:     507-214-6337


Please Note: You will not receive your white card until your fees are fully paid with Mr. Kellen.

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