Congratulations on Completing Your Driver Education Classroom Instruction! What now?
Preparing for your Permit
Register for Behind the Wheel in order to obtain your Blue Card - After successful completion of the classroom training, students will receive a Blue Card upon completing the classroom portion AND after registering for behind the wheel instruction at Medford Public School. If you've completed the class at Medford School, you will need to register for our behind the wheel program by filling out the "Summer Driving Form" available on our website, in the community education bulletin, or at the community education office. If you choose to take the behind the wheel portion of the class with a different program, please request a Letter of Competion from your child's driving classroom instructor.  The Letter of Completion should be presented to the program providing Behind the Wheel instruction BEFORE going to any Minnesota Driver’s license exam station to take their Permit (Knowledge) Test. The program providing Behind the Wheel instruction will issue them a Blue Card (Certificate of Enrollment and Classroom Completion) if they are eligible:
· Students must be at least 15 years old
· Students must have successfully completed the thirty hours of Classroom Driver Education
· Students must be registered for six hours of Behind the Wheel Driver Education (use Summer Driving Form). Registration for Behind the Wheel can be processed by Matt Kellen in the Medford Community Education/Athletics office after which the student will be contacted by Mr. Larson or Mr. Cole to set up the first 2 hour driving session.
Take your Permit (Knowledge) Test at any Minnesota Driver’s license exam station – The closest stations for Medford students is in Faribault.
· Faribault: Select Building, 1105 West Division Street, Faribault. Tel: 507.334.7200 (Open 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Mon. – Thurs.)
· Primary and secondary identification (Please refer to page 3 and 4 in the MN Driver’s Manual for examples of identification to bring with).
· Have money (check, money order, or cash only no credit or debit cards are accepted).
If under 18 years of age:
· Students must be at least 15 years old to take the test
· Students must have their certificate of enrollment (Blue Card) proving they have completed Classroom instruction and are signed up for Behind the Wheel instruction.
· Students must bring a parent, county appointed guardian, foster parent or director of transitional living program to sign and approve application.
Pick up a BTW registration slip from Mr. Kellen in the Community Education/Athletics office  as soon as you receive your permit number so we are able to place you on the waitlist for Behind the Wheel classes. You will not be placed on the drive-list unless we hear from you.
*Payment and registration must be received BEFORE your first drive. 
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