Does my child need Early Childhood Screening? Yes! All Minnesota children need Early Childhood Screening. It is recommended at age three and is required for kindergarten, and it also helps identify potential problems in your child’s health and development. It is also a perfect time to find out about what early learning opportunities are available for your child, and to make sure the right supports are available to help your child learn and grow.

Early Childhood Screening is not a part of the Medford Preschool Program.

What is Early Childhood Screening? Early Childhood Screening is a free program in Minnesota that checks how a child is developing and growing. Early Childhood Screening is a brief, simple process used to identify potential health or developmental problems in young children. Screening in early childhood supports children’s readiness for kindergarten and promotes positive child health and developmental outcomes through referrals to early learning opportunities.

When should I schedule an Early Childhood Screening? The Early Childhood Screening program is available to children when they turn three years old. It is required before a child starts kindergarten, or must take place within 30 days of when a child starts kindergarten. Although your child may be screened any time before kindergarten, it is best to do it at age three or four so that any health or developmental concerns can be addressed sooner.

What happens during an Early Childhood Screening? An Early Childhood Screening checks your child’s health and development. It includes a review of height, weight, vision, hearing, speech, social and emotional progress and overall development. Screening is tailored to the age of the child so that a three-year-old is only asked for what is developmentally appropriate for their age.

How do I schedule an Early Childhood Screening? To schedule an Early Childhood Screening here is the contact information for Medford Public School, contact them asap!
Early Childhood Screening Coordinator: Jackie Vagle
Phone Number: 507-214-6380

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