Homework / Tarea - KHomework has many benefits (besides the obvious review and reinforcement) including teaching students responsibility, time management, independence, problem-solving, preparation, and perseverance.  It also gives me an assessment tool for determining how successfully students are progressing as well as how effectively I am teaching.  Additionally, it provides an opportunity for parents to interact with their children and have a connection to the curriculum being taught in the classroom.  
That being said,
aim to be a teacher who gives her students something more to take home and think about besides homework.  I will rarely assign it, and when I do, it is usually overflow from what has not been finished in class.  However, we do switch for Social Studies and Science, and those teachers may assign work to be completed at home, so please follow up with your child each night to ensure everything gets completed.
If you have any questions/concerns regarding homework, please let me know!

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