S'more Goodies

s'moresBelow are just a few of the ways I like to reward my students when I catch them being good!

★ Wheel of Rewards - earn a point on ClassDojo and spin my SMARTboard wheel for the chance to win a special prize! Prizes include extrinsic AND intrinsic rewards like a punch on your ticket-out-of-work cards, choosing a letter for our party game board, picking something from my treasure box, sitting in the teacher chair, swapping seats, getting a study buddy, walk-in-socks, line leader, and many more!

★ Class Party Game Board - think of the board game Scrabble for this one. When the entire class stays in positive points with ClassDojo, a student gets to pull out a letter to add to our class party game board. Once a full word is spelled, we have a class party! Students choose to put their letters on either Game Day, Free Choice, Movie Time, PJ Day, Bubble Gum, Extra Recess, or Swap Seats.

★ Neat Box - turn in neat work and get rewarded for it! If you receive a graded paper with the word "neat" on it, you get to enter your name into a bucket for the drawing at the end of the week. Neatness includes penmanship, taking your time, name at the top, and following steps/directions. If your name is drawn at the end of the week, you can pick something to help continue your efforts - a pencil, pen, highlighter, eraser, gripper, pencil sharpener,etc.


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