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Happy CampersI prefer to reward for exceeded expectations and jobs well-done, but too many burned marshmallows will result in consequences.

I use an online program called Class Dojo (www.classdojo.com) to monitor student behavior. It is based on a point system which can be tracked by parents throughout the day. Each time a student is caught being good, he/she will earn a point! On the other hand, if he/she makes a poor choice, a point will be taken away.

An added point means the chance to spin for a reward. A mix of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are featured on my SMART board wheel including: sit next to a buddy, pick from my treasure box, walk in socks, sit in Mrs. Norton's chair, pick a letter for the party board, extra iPad time, student's choice, etc.

A subtracted point means a spin for consequences. Included on this wheel are jobs like pick up trash, write an apology, sharpen pencils, organize shelves, lose free-choice time, teacher's choice, etc.

The benefit of using Class Dojo is that parents will be able to see every point that is added or subtracted, along with the reasons why, at the moment the changes are made. So if you're ever curious about your child's behavior for the day, the answer is at your fingertips! Each student (and their parents) will have their own personal account information to log-in and see only their progress for the day (or week/month/year).

I believe that positive reinforcement is most effective, but some are more motivated by extrinsic rewards than intrinsic and vice versa, so I try to maintain a balance of both while making sure that students take responsibility for their choices and work towards exceeding (rather than just meeting) expectations!

To see more rewards and incentives, go to my S'more Goodies page by clicking the link on the left!

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