NHS Membership Criteria

NHS Membership Criteria
To become a member of the Medford National Honor Society, a student must demonstrate excellence in four categories: Scholarship, Service, Character, and Leadership. Below are descriptions of what the faculty council and the broader high school faculty look for in a potential member.

1. Scholarship: Scholarship is defined as a 3.5 cumulative high school GPA. A sophomore or junior who meets the criteria is invited to participate in the next step of the process by filling out the Student Activity Information Form.

2. Service: Students must demonstrate a minimum of 30 hours of service during their high school years to meet the criteria. A signature from an adult sponsor is required to verify this service. Service activities are defined as activities, which have no monetary or academic credit reward. They are conducted in the spirit of helping others. In addition to the hours, students will also be evaluated on their level of activity within a service project. Taking leadership roles, consistent attendance, and hard work are important to this category.

3. Character: Character involves demonstration in the following six categories: respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship. In addition, it can also be said that the student of character (this is taken directly from the NASSP National Honor Society Handbook under their definitions of character):
- Takes criticism willingly and accepts recommendations graciously
- Consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior (cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, stability)
- Upholds principles of morality and ethics
- Cooperates by complying with school regulations concerning property, programs, office, halls, etc.
- Demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability
- Regularly shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others
- Observes instructions and rules, is punctual, and faithful both inside and outside the classroom
- Has powers of concentration, self-discipline, and sustained attention as shown by perseverance and application to studies
- Manifests truthfulness in acknowledging obedience to rules, avoiding cheating in written work, and showing unwillingness to profit by the mistakes of others
- Actively helps rid the school of bad influences or environment

4. Leadership: Leadership exists in both positions held and in behavior in school and community. Leadership is demonstrated in both word and action. The following can also be said of the student who exercises leadership (this is taken directly from the NASSP National Honor Society Handbook under their definitions of leadership):
- Is resourceful in proposing new problems, applying principles, and making suggestions
- Demonstrates initiative in promoting school activities
- Exercises positive influence on peers in upholding school ideals
- Contributes ideas that improve the civic life of the school
- Is able to delegate responsibilities
- Exemplifies positive attitudes
- Inspires positive behavior in others
- Demonstrates academic initiative
- Successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility; conducts business efficiently; demonstrates reliability and dependability
- Is a leader in the classroom, at work, and in other school or community activities
- Is thoroughly dependable in any responsibility accepted
- Is willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude

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