Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a framework for using data to make effective instructional decisions to benefit all students. All students are a part of RTI, though some students are identified as needing additional instructional support.  Both teachers and support staff work to meet the unique educational needs of these students. Through diligent monitoring of student achievement and progress, teaching becomes proactive rather than just reactive. As a result, instruction and learning improve for all students. Here is a list of our courses and team members: 

7th/8th Math Applications - Kelly Johnson and Lisa Klein 
9th Math Applications - Josh Cluever 
7th/8th Reading Applications - Madyson Yost and Jane Moeckly 
9th Reading Applications - Rebecca Mohr
Middle-School Seminar - Elizabeth Neseth
Freshman Seminar - Joe Melles

If you have further questions or would like additional information about this support system, please contact me. 
Kim Goblirsch
Intervention Coordinator 7th-9th grade


Contact: Kim Goblirsch, Coordinator
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We have one school facility, which opened in 2003 and houses both Medford Elementary and Medford High School. 
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