Happy New Year!! 2018 is here and we are gearing up for the month of January and beyond.  The school year is moving along quickly and when the rare pause emerges I am deeply thankful for the collective talent and energy of our students and staff. I am also thankful for the enduring and essential contributions of our parents and our community. Our school is uncommon in its breadth of interests and range of talents and for its mirroring of the complex blend of experiences that are increasingly the hallmarks of both our local and global communities. Medford 7-12 School continues to be a wonderful place to work and learn.
          Having breaks is always challenging to remain optimistic as we continue to watch the world and all of the undesirable things that are happening around us.  However, yielding our thoughts exclusively to negativity would not be the healthiest thing for our kids or for us as a school community. So we once again look to our kids, 
our wonderfully inspired and dynamic students, who strengthen our sense of optimism and renew our belief that something better is always possible.  We regain compassion by recognizing their potential to create a world less likely to produce the grief we see and hear about, and that affirms our obligation to invest ourselves in them each and every day.
          Earning the right to call ourselves a great school will require a continuous determination and commitment to see that all students, regardless of who they are and how they come to us, leave us better prepared to meet the next set of life’s challenges. Our commitment must also include the development of the curiosity, character, and conscientiousness that will prime them not only for 
personal success but for productive and compassionate citizenship as well. This is a charge we share as a school and a community.
          The first semester is nearing its end and our students have been very busy as they have studied numerous hours, performed in concerts, gone on many field trips, competed in many games, decorated doors, fund-raised numerous 
dollars, and items; meanwhile, our faculty has worked incredibly hard to plan each and every day, participated in many meetings and they continue to research overall better teaching practices by attending numerous workshops.  With all of this being said, the relaxation time during the holiday will be welcomed, but it will never seem like it is quite enough. 
Thank you, everyone, for making my transition here to Medford Schools a success thus far.  I have enjoyed every moment with your student and I cannot wait to see what is in store for all of their futures. I truly welcome all of your input as it is vital in making the positive changes for our student and their futures.  I will work hard to meet broadminded demands and challenges for Medford.  So, thank you for all that you do and let’s help our kids in every positive way that we can think of.  GO TIGERS!!!!!!!

Have a Great Year!
Kevin Babcock
Medford 7-12 Principal

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We have one school facility, which opened in 2003 and houses both Medford Elementary and Medford High School. 
The mission of Medford Public School is to provide quality education and prepare our children and community for the future.


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