Weekly Updates

We are just getting rolling this week with figuring out how our Chromebook's work and how to navigate all of the features. We have started introducing literature elements - starting with a discussion on childhood and growing up which will relate to our upcoming stories. In math we have began flipped classroom and the students are getting a good handle on the concept. We are working with division, prime factorization and LCM and GCF this week. In social studies we discussed September 11th and are just going to be working into chapter one which get's the students talking about "What is Minnesota?" since our focus this year will be on Minnesota history. I hope your students are getting back into the routine of things - if you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to call or email me! 

Happy Monday!  6th grade is off to another great start this week. This week we will be working on decimals - adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing - it could be a stressful week math wise since this can be a difficult concept. We will continue to work hard and do the best we can do! In literature, we are beginning our first story in our new curriculum, it is called "Brown Girl Dreaming" and it is actually a collection of poems about an 11 year olds life. In social studies we are just going to be getting into our second chapter which focuses on Minnesota before it was Minnesota - about the time when mammoths roamed our area. It should be a great week full of learning! Just a reminder, next week is homecoming!! 

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