Parent Tools
Below are links to additional information that parents can use to further prepare their students for postsecondary success. Tools specific to this month's activities for each grade level can be found in the Monthly Update (see left side button).

8th Grade Budget Worksheet

10th Grade Decision Making 
  1. The Clarification Phase: The decision maker clearly articulates the larger goal that he or she is trying to reach by making the decision. For example, if the student is trying to decide which courses to take next semester, he or she might frame the decision as: “I am trying to choose classes that will prepare me to get into and succeed at college.” This step helps to ensure that the decision maker is really clear about the larger objective that he or she is trying to achieve. 
  2. The Brainstorming Phase: The decision maker brainstorms options for achieving that goal, such as “I could take a college-level class,” or “I could take elective classes in the subject I think I want to study in college.” 
  3. The Evaluation Phase: The decision maker lists the pros and cons of each potential option.
  4. The Decision Phase: The decision maker chooses the option they think will best help them reach their goal.
  5. The Double Checking Phase: The decision maker reflects on the potential consequences of the option they have chosen to be sure it is the right course of action. If they decide that it is, they proceed with that option. If it is not, they go back to the pro/con lists they came up with during the Evaluation Phase and think about the consequences of other options to come up with a better one.  
Minnesota National College Fair--October 22, 2015

Student Financial Aid
This Department of Education website is where parents/students will fill out the FAFSA, or learn more about the process.

Student Credit Loan
Scroll to the middle of the page for an informational video called "How FAFSA Works."

Financial Aid Night--Riverland Presentation
Patty Hemann presents information for families about filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), scholarships, and work study.

Medford Prepares Students for Future
Shannon Kinley features Medford High School's Ramp Up programming in this Steele County Times article.

Naviance Parent Registration Video
This short video demonstrates how parents can create their Naviance accounts to view their student's Family Connection portal.
*You will need to obtain your registration code from either Sara Routh (High School Counselor), or Tricia Wagner (Ramp Up to Readiness Coordinator)

Naviance Family Connection Video
This video demonstrates a few of the features available to parents in the Naviance Family Connection program.

Naviance Family Connection
Naviance is a program that students and families can use to explore colleges and careers. This is where we will house our student work, such as the Readiness Rubric and Postsecondary Plans.

College Readiness for Parents: Getting Your Student Prepared for College
This document highlights important information for parents as they guide their child through postsecondary options.

The above link will take you to the Federal Student Aid website, where you will find the FAFSA4Caster--a tool to help parents and students estimate how much financial aid they might be eligible for in the future.

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